A little about me…

Lauren Jamie


Dedicated to making you feel beautiful

I know having your makeup or hair done is a very personal experience, so here is a little about me!

I’ve always had a huge passion and interest in makeup. I first discovered a love for makeup when I realised I could cover my freckles!

I would experiment with my mum’s makeup continuously (much to her dislike) and try out all her favourite lippies on the school bus (admittedly only to have them wiped off by a teacher as soon as I walked through the gates!) My school friends would always come over for “makeovers” who have now grown into confident women who have called on me for various events!

Once I completed my A levels, I worked as an Arts & Crafts teacher on a kids summer camp in America. Unfortunately, after this amazing experience, I took a wrong turn in my career by taking the first office job I could find when I got back to the UK at the end of the summer. It wasn’t until six years ago that I decided “enough is enough” and pushed for a career doing what I love… I haven’t looked back since!

This is far more than “just a job” to me. I have a strong passion for making people from all walks of life feel beautiful. I absolutely love seeing the smile on peoples’ faces when they leave feeling gorgeous and full of confidence. Client satisfaction is my absolute number one priority.

I was born & raised in Bristol (Unfortunately there is no disguising the accent!) and alongside running my small business I am a mum to two beautiful young children.

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